Wait and See?

 An American author once wrote that after 45 you should not have to apologise for any aspect of your life. Creeping  steadily to double that age I do have to  apologise  for my  for my absolute lack of computer knowledge.  Discovering that  anyone has actually read and taken the time to comment on my words comes as a belated shock as to the vastness of a computer orientated generation and my limited technical understanding of keeping up the „Blogging.“  After my intial comments the.. Read More


English media have lately been on a roll whipping up public hysteria. This time it concerns the lastest pandemic, Bird Flu…oops that was an about to be, but never quite made the pandemic grade, flu from last year. THIS YEAR the panic mongering concerns Swine flu. And how better to keep the public in panic mode than to terrorize with daily news updates that this new virus , targets pensioners,.. Read More

Autism: let’s hear some truths

One of the many health concerns I have run into over the years is the concern  new mother’s have about the safety of innoculations given to their infants. Not long ago a British Doctor reported to have findings verifying a link between onset of Autism as a side effect of the MMR (measle mumps rubella) jab. This claim was hauled before the courts and the Doctor and his information said to be.. Read More

The part that doesn’t want to know

Any of you who have had children certainly become aware of the part of any child’s makeup that not only doesn’t want to listen,  hear, much less acknowledge or know how aspects of their behaviour or thought affects others. How many adults are any different? Illuminating this problem is an old Sufic saying, „There is a part of you that doesn’t want to know, a part that is going to.. Read More

All around well being

Today would like to address something that is seldom mentioned when considering all around well being. That “something” is simply how to breathe. Specifically your awareness of how breath can effect many levels of existence. So first there is breath and its effects on the physical and then as mentioned in the first commentary, the effects of conscious breath on the mental and spiritual aspects of your life. Conscious is.. Read More

First Post and Opening

For all the years I have worked in complementary medicine several mis-conceptions about both alleopathic treatment and complementary treatment (sometimes referred to as alternative) refuse to dissappear. Part of the problem lies in Western refuseal to consider any information outside the bounds of what we consider “scientific” as valid enough for serious consideration. Time and again I will read that there is no “scientific proof” that some treatment, e.g. Reflexology.. Read More